Rihanna Is The New James Bond girl! We hope!

RiriRihanna could be set for a role in Bond 24. The ‘Umbrella’ singer has been approached by producers to star in the upcoming James Bond film alongside Daniel Craig, according to The Sunday Mirror.

Bond 24 is expected to begin filming on December 6, and is due for a November 2015 release. Director Sam Mendes’ follow-up to Skyfall, which will see Daniel Craig return for his fourth film as the spy, has recently been in the process of a rewrite by long-time franchise writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Her’s Hoyte van Hoytema will serve as cinematographer for Bond 24.

Rihanna recently criticized CBS for its decision to pull one of her songs during an NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal.


Regrets and mistakes are memories made

Mistakes? Regrets? Unfulfilled promises and dreams?
So what you have failed this year? You can always try again!
Another year is here! It is amazing how fast time flies unnoticed. Just when it feels like we are just beginning to get the hang of the year 2012 we are suddenly reminded by the calendar that the year has closed and it is the beginning of a new one. It is natural to reflect on the year past, to remember, cringingly, resolutions we made in January 2012, to be better version of ourselves, which we never fulfilled.
For many people last year has gone without much achievement. For me that year was littered with regret, and failure. I made grandiose plans and promises to myself but by middle of the year I found that I was going round in circle with no major achievement. I was left at the end of last year with fear, regrets and anxiety.
Sometimes regretting our past actions and wishing we had spent our time differently or done some things a little different can make us feel like a failure. You should be thankful; you are alive so you can try again this year! The big lesson for many of you here is GRATITUDE because you are exactly where you need to be right now. We human beings have the ability to choose what filter to put over our mind. You can choose to remain in defiant reactionary state of regret or you can choose to believe you are exactly where you need to be. Yes you have made bad choices but you can choose to wallow in regrets or you can get up and realize that you are right where you need to be right now. Everything you have done last year has in some way contributed to where you are today. The purpose of the whole experience was to get you to finally take a moment to reflect on who you are, where your values lie, what you are wishing for the future and let it guide you to the path where you want to be. Be grateful for your whole experience this year.
In order to embrace the new, we must release the old. Just let go of all could have, would have, should have of 2012! An important part of making this year a success is to review the past year—to release it—and to learn from it.
The following questions should stimulate your thinking for this process. I hope that you take time out of your busy schedule to ponder where you are and where you’ve been. Talk with people you care about. Write out your thoughts and feelings. Reflect upon what you did, how you felt, what you liked, what you didn’t and what you learned. Try to look at yourself and your experience with as much objectivity as you can—much like a biographer would. You should ask yourself “For what am I particularly grateful?” Consider listing all the things in your life of which you’d like to let go—anything you no longer want. Give thanks for what they’ve brought you in terms of learning and usefulness and then fold the list away. It’s a symbolic gesture to help you release the old and be open to the new. The next step is to list what you do want—experiences, knowledge, material things, relationships. The point is you will eventually let go and move on. Believe that you’re a strong, smart, capable person; you’ll find ways to make this new direction meaningful for you. It’s hard to think that way when you feel your dream job slipping through your fingers, or you miss someone who made your life wider than it could possibly be long. What’s important to remember is that no matter what changes or slips away, you can still do something meaningful and fulfilling right from where you are.
Regrets can overwhelm your sense of optimism and possibility. Each experience is a lesson in the journey that you have chosen and embarked upon. You should embrace the good and the bad and trust that you are exactly where you should be on your journey in this life! Everyone wish to experience a lasting happiness, but that no one can live a life without experiencing problems and setbacks that reduce our happiness. True happiness must be sought from within. Letting go of Regret, shame and blame, are the ways to liberate ourselves, and others, from the pain of suffering.
Just as no one else can be happy for you, no one else can be responsible for taking away your unhappiness, your regret, your suffering. Letting go of the past is really a great reminder of why living in the present is so important.
Moving on from the past and your regrets can seem difficult, but that’s a belief in itself, and remember, the only person in charge of your beliefs and thoughts is you. With a little bit of self-love, gentle awareness, and patience, you can learn to let go of your regrets and thrive in the present!
Don’t get stuck in a cycle of feeling sorry for yourself, though. Pitying yourself won’t help you. Choose to stop focusing on the past. You are in command of what you regret and what you hold on to, and by first making the conscious choice to start letting go you can be confident in yourself that you will be able to move on. Feel yourself in the present, your surroundings. The rest of 2012 is simply no longer part of right now. Think of how you can make today better. Could you apologize to someone or do something else right now to change the situation or move on from this? Or if it’s a situation that can’t be affected at this point, remember that you can’t change the outcome. What you can do, however, is choose what you will do next time if a similar situation happens again, or what you do now. Be thankful for everything in the past. Yes, I’m telling you to feel gratitude for anything you regret or think was terrible in your past. Whatever happened is not to be regretted, but instead to be a lesson. If you keep on dwelling on the negative aspects of it, you might miss out on a wonderful opportunity to grow. Think about how you can learn from this or how it’s made you into a more resilient and capable person. Letting go of the past is necessary before you face your future it is necessary to do so before you can face your future with any real sense of fearlessness.
Those people who have accepted their mistakes/failures and moved on from times gone by are much better equipped to deal with what is going to happen in their future. If you are really serious about learning to face your future with bravery you need to let go of the past. Accept your failures and mistakes and let go of that baggage.
The future can be created your future is in your hands. No body is going to make anything happen for you unless you go out and try to achieve it yourself. Now, instead of being depressed by this fact it is important to realize that you are in an extremely hopeful place. You are living in a time and a place where opportunities are everywhere. At no other time in history have human beings been able to give up their livelihood and search for something new or something better. But we can. Why fear the future when we have control over it? Why worry about the next few days or weeks when we know we can do something about it now? And while everyone tells you to live in the present moment you still need to make preparations for tomorrow. That is fine as long as you do it with mindfulness and awareness.
For those who are in a time of personal struggle, it can feel ridiculous to think that gratitude or joy is a choice, but it is. The truth is, no matter what your situation, you always have a choice in how you choose to perceive your reality. When a person connects with a deep feeling of gratitude, things change. Connecting to gratitude can transform relationships, it can give you energy and strength, it can give you the creative ideas that you need to change your situation, it can relieve stress and pressure, it can actually change your life. There are deliberate actions you can take to fuel your inner champion and awaken a real sense of gratitude regardless of what you’re experiencing
How to Trigger Gratitude
watch your words! – When we feel stuck and frustrated or down, we tend to use strong words that reinforce our negative emotions. These strong words also reinforce how we perceive our reality. It’s imperative that you rephrase your words. Words are powerful, they affect how we feel, and how we feel affects how we see reality, that affects whether or not we’ll have inspired creative solution ideas, and that affects whether or not our lives will change.
When you can write down everything that you can feel grateful for, take a close look around you and give some deep quality attention, really take it in. Think of any and all of your past successes, think of things you’ve done well, think of things you can be proud of so that you can feel the gratitude. Make the deliberate choice to feel grateful. Take a different look at your challenges because of difficult times, you have the opportunity to use your strength, your courage, your mind to explore solutions and experience your potential. Because of your mistakes you’ve learned valuable lessons, and you may now be even closer to success. Your challenges will let you grow and evolve into more than you were. This deepens your life experience and awakens that champion within you. If you knew you were born for more, then now you get to create it for yourself. If your fears got the best of you in the past, you now have the opportunity to be courageous and brave. Your window of opportunity may feel like fear, but each time you get a chance to win. If you’re disappointed in how life seems to have turned out just know that it’s not over until you’re dead. You’ve got the gift of time. You’ve got the gift of mind and intelligence. You’ve got more gifts than you realize, and they will show themselves as you push yourself forward. If your heart is broken by a lover, a friend, life in general, you can grieve the loss, but don’t take too long before you take a fresh new look. There are opportunities even if you can’t see them yet, they are there. You’ve been released. It will feel good to pick yourself up and travel on a new road. If you’re exhausted, it means you dug in deep, found your grit and made real effort. You left no stone unturned. You didn’t fail to fight. You make your inner champion proud. To be alive, means you have the chance to experience wonderment. All things are possible, and your open heart, open mind, and your gratitude will guide you. Regardless of your situation, there are always ways to tap into gratitude. Being thankful, feeling a deep appreciation can create miracles. It can open doors, create new thoughts, and guide us to amazing life experience. Adversity can make us incredibly compassionate people; it can transform us, so we may be of real help to others.

The Harsh Reality of Child Slavery In Nigeria by Don Abiodun Odedeyi

child_bricks_290_1In a world where education and acquired productive skill(s) play a pivotal role in the success of every man and woman, many middle-agents are neck-deep in the trade of human trafficking; employing ruthless means to keep their victims in line.

My sojourn on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 was nosy motivated, at least, it has been since December Friday, February 7, 2012 when I was commissioned to research into Microfinance operations in relation to poverty alleviation 1.

Had I determined to take my leave for the day, nothing would have been amiss. Save for the friendship that now exist between myself and Emmanuel (the bank official I was attached with) and the long day still ahead, my day’s observation was a wrap. I accompanied Emmanuel to Makoko where a group of orange sellers, in Asejere market, are waiting to discuss about a possible loan facility.

Asejere market, located on the marine side of Makoko, enjoy influx of Hausa/Fulani, Tapa, Yoruba, Ilaje and other coastal tribes from Delta to Togo, a distance of about 600 miles, who trade in timber, fruits, fish and other aquatic products.

The group is not a large one, ten orange seller, comprises of seven women and three men, crowded in an empty stall, their look depicting someone who is waiting for divine wonders. Like an artist who knows her trade, their wares were arranged in different interesting ways.

My admiration of this dynamic environment was cut short by a long shriek. I turned in time to see a large dark palm retract from the cheek of a little girl who should not be more than ten years old.

When the coast was clear, Maraba (her name) held her head, tight, with her two hands.

Stunned, I lost touch of time, it was as if was floating in space, like an astronaut. Looking into her fixated and white eyes, I thought I felt the impact of the slap; my head processed the whole movement, very slowly, like a Hollywood action movie.

How long this went on, I cannot say. Her piecing shriek, which increases with each gulp of air, brought me back to consciousness.

It never took long, other women within the vicinity in two and three crowded Maraba, some scolding, others petting her.

Maraba is a labourer with Iya Ibeji, an orange seller in the market. Lying close to her makeshift bed is a basket half-filled with ripe oranges meant for deliveries to customers within the market.

Although fluent in Yoruba, her pronunciation of some syllables gave her away as Tapa.

The Nupe, traditionally called Tapa by the neighbouring Yoruba country, are an ethnic group located primarily in the Middle Belt and northern Nigeria, and are the dominant group in Niger state and an important minority in Kwara State. Their chief town is Bida which is also the second largest city in Niger state. Again, her adept in Yoruba also suggest that she must have been around for a while.

When it was clear that neither coerce nor petting is working, her master, who was alarmed at her sudden change of attitude, was convinced that her association with another child-worker, Alimat, is the reason for her rebellious attitude. She suggests that Maraba’s behaviour is the beginning of her master plan that will see her move from her cofer to another master.

The suspect was quickly summoned.

Curiosity took the better part of me, without looking at the direction of my hand, I calmly brought out my midget, switched on the record. In other not to raise eyebrow, I cover it with my phone.

Alimat, in age and size suggest someone who shouldn’t have left her mother’s protective side, she is nowhere the age of twelve yet her utterances were far beyond her years.

Alimat got to know Maraba four days earlier and since then, they’ve both become bosom friends. She works in a pepper grinding shop not far from the orange section. When Alimat was told about Maraba insubordination, she clapped her hands then clips them akimbo, a show of disbelief to what she heard. What followed was equally surprising to me, if not for my fast fingers on my midget; the following conversation might never have come clean.

(Transcript of Alimat’s reaction)

“She can’t, she better not try it”, Aminat blurted.

“If she tries it, Alfa (the middle-agent) will withdraw her from here and send her elsewhere. Look at me, (she stretched forth her hands for the women to see), look at my hands, my fingers are as hot as fire, I sort pepper from morning till night, there is no time to rest. Every now and then, I dip my hands in water with the hope that they become normal but no, seconds after I pull them out of the water, the burning starts. Day and night is the same.

“I don’t eat before resuming ‘work’, many times; I eat morning and afternoon food together”.

The crowd roar into series of laugher as Alimat recounts her ordeal, much praise Maraba’s master for handling her princely.

“see this ungrateful girl o”, Maraba’s master interject, cutting short the crown in their laughing galore as they turn around to hear her own contribution. “We use the same soap o, use the same sponge, eat the same food at the same time, there is nothing I eat that she doesn’t taste from”.

“Hmm, they suffer a lot o” said one of the women, “there is no work in their country-home, and the treatment she gets here is charitable compare to what she gets from her country home. If she wants to leave, let her go”.

“Look at her skin”, said another, “she was this thin when she got here”. With her left hand, she held out her little finger out to describe Maraba size when she started working with Iya Ibeji.

While they continue in their condemnation and chat, my thoughts transcend the environment, away from the sheds filled with oranges, the heat and the noise emanating from the flux of languages that defined the multi-ethnic diversity of the market.


Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. This practice is considered exploitative by many international organisations.

Legislations across the world prohibit child labour. These laws do not consider all work by children as child labour; exceptions include work by child artists, supervised training, certain categories of work such as those by Amish children, and others.

Child labour is still common in many parts of the world. It accounts for 22% of the workforce in Asia, 32% in Africa, 17% in Latin America, 1% in US, Canada, Africa has the highest percentage of children aged 5–17 employed as child labour, and a total of over 65 million.

The United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, which was subsequently ratified by 193 countries. Article 32 of the convention addressed child labour, as follows:

…Parties recognise the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child’s education, or to be harmful to the child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

Under Article 1 of the 1990 Convention, a child is defined as “… every human being below the age of eighteen years unless, under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.” Article 28 of this Convention requires States to, “make primary education compulsory and available free to all.”

While they continue in their euphoria debacle, I was left to wonder, are children expected to help towards the family budget, despite the hardship prevalent in the country? What become of their future and indeed the future of their parents (then aged and helpless)? How can a developing country break the jinx of poverty when the circle of illiteracy and skills are not broken?

Toothless as these laws are, the future of children about 304 million (between the ages 5-17) are en-route to nothing, and we all are looking forward to a brighter, rewarding future?

What can you do to help?

Despite the enormity of the problem, child labour is a phenomenon that can be combated, not only by policy makers, but also by ordinary citizens.  Below are some suggestions on what students can do to take action and get involved in the fight against child labour:

Inform yourselves. The first thing you can do is BE AWARE about the state of child labour in the world, and be informed about the abuses and injustices that go on. It affects you more than you would think. Then you are in a position to go and inform other people about child labour.

Find out if your Government has ratified the ILO Conventions on child labour.  See the list of countries who have ratified ILO Convention No. 138 and ILO Convention No. 182.  If your government has not ratified the Conventions, write a letter to your government leaders to urge them to do so.  If your government has ratified the Conventions, find out what is being done to implement them.

Awareness-raising. Organize an event to raise awareness about child labour. This could be a play, concert or public debate and you could involve local musicians, actors and artists in your community. Remember to also involve parents and family members, who can be precious sources of knowledge and inspiration. Perhaps you could make posters or write to newspapers or magazines about the issue. What ideas can you come up with to raise awareness about child labour?

Encourage more participation. Involve your wider community in events leading to the World Day Against Child Labour observed yearly on 12 June, or organise an child labour awareness week to attract the greatest public attention possible. Distribute a press release informing and appealing to community groups and universities to join in, and establish contacts in the media for publicising such events.

No individual, no organization, even the largest one, can begin to stop child labour on its own, and no action, even the smallest, can be dismissed as being too small to bring about change.  It is only through joining the forces of goodwill on all levels of society that we can hope to put an end to child labour.

Editor’s Diary

MeA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!  I am glad to welcome you to the first edition of New Kulture magazine. Newkulture started with a single step- a dream! The magazine was born out of excitement, hope and the desire to inspire.

Our mission at New Kulture is to bring the extra into the ordinary life, to inspire you, our readers to live your best life, whoever you may be. We are excited to be on this journey with you. We pledge to inform honestly and inspire you in building your business and rising in your career, in your interpersonal and intrapersonal, organizational relationship, in mental and physical health, in food, fashion and beauty, tourism and information technology.

This very first issue has truly been a labor of love, hope, disappointment, good writing and eye opening into the world of publishing. The team of NewKulture magazine have truly been God sent, leaning in with support, contribution, encouragement and enthusiasm. I can not say thank you enough to everyone who helped.

We have on our team, experts who are kind enough to contribute their talents and time, to bring their expert advice to you, on how to manage your career, build a successful business, have clean mental and physical health, we have shopaholics who would tell you all about shopping online and offline, on how and where to get bargains.

The end of an era has come and another begins. The pain of yesterday is today’s strength. The big lesson for this edition is Gratitude! What are you grateful for in your life? In my life, I am grateful to be alive, to have breathing space and beautiful scenery that inspires and keep me wanting more. I am grateful for the people God placed in my life.  I am grateful for where I was, and where I am now. My victories and my failures have shaped me into the woman I am today.

One of my favourites saying is that we live once and we should take advantage of that while we are alive. What is needs changing in your life?  What are the things you need to do less of and more of?

It is perhaps that tome. The New Kulture team is excited to be on this journey with you.


The theme of the first issue is reinventing yourself.  I have learned from personal mistakes and failures that whenever you want a second chance all you have to do is go for it. There are many things in life that seems to be holding us back but truly we are the only ones holding ourselves back. Before you go out to pursue your second chance take an inward look at your life to see what is truly holding you back like issues with past. I had to overcome some powerful feelings of anger, pain, fear of success, fear of failure and procrastination! Apart from the internal issues we maybe dealing with, there are external issues that seems to be holding us back from achieving our goals like our weight. Open up to the many ways of reinventing our lives.

I was reminded many times while trying to publish this magazine, lack of finance and in the midst of discouragement that nothing good comes easily. Are you ready to make sacrifices and have perseverance in your everyday life? If you are life will surely reward you with success!

There is always a room for reinvention and change means reinvention. It may be out of love for yourself, or you seek redemption and second chances as your life desperately needs changing.

Most often when people think of reinventing themselves, they think of the most obvious: outside appearance. A simple change in hair color, change in style, and friends is labeled as reinvention; however, true reinvention resides deeper within, sometimes we need to take a step back and analyze our inadequacies. Reinvention is not always easy. It is a conscious effort.  We have to take control of who we will become or risk never reaching our full potential. You don’t have to wait for the future to find you. You should start building it now.  To reinvent, consider what you value, Rediscover your interests, Embrace your personality, scrutinize your skill set, Develop your brand

Then, no matter what you feel in the moment—lonely, self-critical, tired, lazy, or disappointed—do something to maintain momentum, even if it’s one small thing. There’s an old adage that says that true courage isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about feeling fear and acting anyway.